Señor Chase

My name is Señor Chase and I’ve got something to say. Everybody has a role and a part to play. Everything’s connected and that’s the way it’ll stay.

– Señor Chase “Influences” from “Mash Radio”

Señor Chase, from Stone Mountain, GA., is the artistic speaker of the spirit of Beemash. The style of art that he uses to express the self, includes – but is not limited to – poetry, spoken word, and playing instruments. Besides the ones named in the song, “Influences”, Señor Chase is artistically influenced by higher self, wise friends, and life.

Chase has been expressing the self since the days in college with the release of an album named, “Headlock” in 2013 A.D. Since then, it’s been performances in festivals, concerts, and pop ups, in cities such as, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Atlanta, and Miami. Chase has performed in shows with the likes of, “The Innovators Music Group”, “The DutchMasters”, and others.

Currently, Chase is creating content for collaborative projects with, Dez the Navigator, MoBettaMic, The Innovators Music Group, and many more dope artists. Chase is also working on a personal project, currently named, “From the Mash Lounge”.



“Thank y’all for your support for all the music I’ve been putting on Bandcamp for the last couple of years. For that, save the date: April 20, 2021.” – Señor Chase 

Señor Chase – Finally On . “Finally on the other streaming sites lol. Finally on the path of following my purpose. Finally on…all types of things!”

"I'm tryna give yall some jewels"

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Señor Chase Things


  • Music Production; Music Performance (Instrumental and vocal)


Past Live Performances

New Atlanta Workshop
Señor Chase in Stone Mountain Village

Live @ the Record Shop (2012)
Señor Chase and The Navigators Concert @ Atlantic Records; Daytona Beach, FL.

Livewire (2011)
Señor Chase First Live performance; Bethune Cookman University